Stretching Tools for the Home

If you can usually be found sitting in front of the computer, lounging on the couch, or even spending long periods of time in the car, it’s extremely important to spend time stretching your muscles so you can stay nice and limber. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or a vigorous workout plan, there are plenty of free or cheap tools to keep and use right in your own home. Always talk to your doctor first about exercise routines and any additional Medicare supplement plans you should look into.

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Door Frames and Wall Corners

Congratulations, these tools you actually already paid for when you bought your house! Grab onto a door frame from the side and twist your torso to give your arms and chest a perfect stretch, or use both hands to grab the upper frame for a nice shoulder and back stretch. In some cases the wall corner can be a good substitute.


Benches and Foot Rests

More tools you likely already have in your house and at your disposal, ready to be used as stretching tools without you needing to buy any extra equipment. Putting your heel up on a bench and bending over to grab your foot will give you a nice hamstring stretch. You can also use it to step onto with one foot and lean into with your other leg behind. Maybe even use it to do a couple of step ups while you’re at it to really give the legs a nice warm up.


Foam Roller

This one you’ll likely have to buy, but a foam roller is a great, inexpensive tool you can use almost like a muscle massager to roll out any knots you have in your larger muscle groups. Sit on it with it under your hamstrings and roll back and forth, lay on it face down with it under your quads, or lay on it face up with it under your back. These are all great ways to release knots and tension in your muscles. As a bonus, use a Tennis ball to roll out smaller muscle groups like your shoulders or the bottoms of your feet.


Foam Bars and Pipes

If you don’t have any PVC pipe laying around, you can buy bars that are foam covered and use them to stretch out your arms and shoulders. Grab it with both hands and hold over your head to stretch your back, or take a wide grip on it and try to rotate your arms all the way back from over your head to stretch out the chest and squeeze the shoulder blades.