Smart Appliances

It’s a changing world and innovation is driving technology every day. The appliances in your home today may not be anything like the ones you grew up with. Smart appliances are a rapidly growing market designed to automate your life at home while also being as efficient and environmentally green as possible. Medicare supplement plans are not even as easy to understand as today’s appliances.

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The fridge is arguably the most important and widely used appliance in any home. Designed with the specific mission of keep food cold maintain freshness, today’s fridges can do much more. They are energy efficient to try to limit your electricity use since it’s probably the only appliance that is on and working 24/7. They can provide purified water right from the door with a water line piped in and connected. They can come with screens to watch shows or listen to music while you’re nearby, or take a survey of the major items inside and their relative freshness. It can provide you with weather updates, family pictures, and suggest meal recipes. You can even keep a shopping list on it and program it to alert you when it’s time to refill a certain product, or even order it for you automatically over the internet.


Washer and Dryer

Another appliance regularly used and with a high consumption of energy, the washer and dryer are designed to be energy efficient now. They use only as much water as necessary to clean your clothes, and use autosensing to tell how dry your clothes are so the heat doesn’t run longer than it needs to. They can also send your smart phone an alert when the clothes are ready.



Much like the others, the oven is designed now to use only as much energy as necessary to cook the food properly and can shut itself off if accidentally left on. It can also send you an alert when your food is ready so that you don’t forget about what you’re cooking. They can also have voice assisted apps to provide you with recipes and directions.


The theme of this age of smart appliance is more convenience and efficiency for the users, and less energy use for the environment. Although the technology in these appliances will cause them to have a higher price tag initially, they should be seen as an investment in the future with spending being less over the long run.