Side Businesses in Retirement

Have you ever thought about trying to make some extra money on the side even though you’re already retired? It might not even be that you need the money, but you’re bored from being used to having work to do all the time, and have a little too much time on your hands. These days, you can occupy your time with trying new hobbies, you can use new technologies and the internet to make a little extra money, or you could even do both at the same time. Your internet browser can be used for more than just learning about different Medicare supplement plans.

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Basic access to the internet is commonplace these days and can often be taken for granted. However, it could be extremely lucrative to use technology and the internet to your advantage, to make some extra money and have fun doing it at the same time. For some side businesses, literally all you need is a smart phone. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are perfect platforms for instantly reaching wide ranging audiences over the internet, right from your pocket. That smart phone likely also has a fairly nice camera on it, perfect for taking beautiful pictures or documenting various activities you’re doing throughout the day.


Take advantage of both of these technologies by sharing pictures or videos of things you love to see or do, and posting them to the social media platforms. If you’re wary about having a personal profile online on these various platforms, simply create a pen name or a business name to do everything anonymously. It doesn’t matter if your friends and family don’t see everything you post because you want to stay anonymous, the point is to post great content for the world to see and amass a large list of followers to your social media profiles or website.


As you continue to post great content and accumulate more and more followers, you have the power to run ads on your content or website, or to send solicitations to your followers for various products or services. These could be products or service that you create and sell directly, or in many cases other companies within the industry of the content you regularly post will want to pay you to take advantage of the loyal audience you have built. Don’t push your followers away with too many ads too frequently, but certainly take advantage of the opportunity to make an income from other companies who appreciate your work.