Get Rid of Unwanted Items with These Apps

Do you have a bunch of old, unwanted trinkets, gadgets, or random objects laying around the house? Would you like to clear some of the clutter they create and make a little bit of money off of them at the same time? Here are some great ways to use the internet for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans. Use these apps on your smart phone to sell your unwanted items and clear up some space in your house.

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If you have a smart phone and an internet connection, these apps can be downloaded entirely for free for you to sell your stuff on. Typically, the company who created the app will take a small percentage fee of the total price the item sold for, so it comes at no cost out of pocket for you to sell them. Using apps like “Let Go” and “Offer Up”, you first create an account with a unique username. Then, use the camera on your smart phone the take high quality pictures of each individual item you want to get rid of. It’s best to take multiple pictures from different angles that show off the item’s qualities. Preferably, the item is in good visible condition and not damaged in any way. You can show it working properly or demonstrate in someway it is worth the price that you are asking for it.

Upload the pictures to the listing you create for each individual item and be sure to give it a compelling and accurate description. This is your chance to really sell the product without ever being able to speak to the potential buyers. Give it a worthy price, and post it to the platform. Some people may come across it because of their proximity to the location you list, some may search for keywords that bring up your item from the name and description you give it, and some platforms will even let you pay a little money to promote your listing as if it were an ad. This might go out to people specifically in your area or who have specifically searched for items like yours in the past.


Other sites that use a very similar process to allow you to sell your household items include eBay and Craigslist. Follow the same steps to try to get your item out into the public and stand out over others who are listing similar items.